Calderon and Guevarra Gourmet Carinderia

So February 14 has the day of love (manufactured by Hallmark… thanks a lot *hiss* sorry, super late post!!!) and because I don’t have significant other yet, I spent pre-Valentine Saturday with my other loves — Batman, Filipino Food, acoustic music, and my baby sister.

Ezra and I watched the Lego Batman Movie in Greenbelt and it’s now my 2nd favorite Batman film! Will Arnett was hilarious as Batsy and I loved the references they made to the old Batman movies. Batman Begins still holds the #1 spot in my heart though, even if TDK didn’t display any beatboxing prowess. ;P

We went to Pasig after to eat at Calderon and Guevarra Gourmet Carinderia, because I wanted to try their lechon stuffed-grilled squid and I wanted to watch Paolo Santos live. I used to watch him perform in Tapika and Bagaberde almost a decade ago, when acoustic artists dominated the local music scene.


Paolo Santos is still good, but I enjoyed the set of the other singers more. Mainly because they sang Bruno Mars hits. :p


Ez and I stuffed our bellies with Maling Fries (deep fried maling with thousand island dressing of some sort),


Hilaw na Mangga at Singkamas with Sea Salt and Bagoong (woaaah ang anghang nung asin, hardcore!),


Crispy Pata Kare Kare (my favorite dishes combined… excellent!),


Lechon Stuffed-Grilled Squid (I loved it so much that I did not share the last piece with Ez anymore),


and Ube Cheesecake and Chocoliquor Cake (both equally delicious, not a fan of ube and chocolate, but I managed to eat a lot of both)


Like their sister restos, Chef Arch’s Lime 88, Kanto Freestyle, and the newly opened 10 Ronin, dishes here are affordable and yummy. Definitely a good pick if you want to eat like a construction worker without making your wallet cry.


Prices here.

Calderon and Guevarra
14 Private Aurellana Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sienna says:

    Their chocoliquor cake is tdf!!!!!!


    1. iyainmanila says:

      Na-slow ako what tdf means! Haha! Yes, to die for indeed! 😛


  2. Ezra says:

    🙂 ❤


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