My Return to Enchanted Kingdom

I don’t like waking up early on weekends, but last Saturday was different, because I was invited to go to a place I didn’t get to go to for 11 years– Enchanted Kingdom!

I used to go there a lot when we were still living in the south, so I was really psyched to go. Naunahan ko pa ‘yung alarm clock ko that day! Amaaaziiing. :p


Skies were gloomy in the afternoon that we went and there were so many people. Ang daming mga batang naka-field trip!!! Grabe ‘yung queuing to get tickets. Ticket price is at 900php pala for adults if you want to see their newest main attraction Agila. They say it’s their first flying theatre. If you wanna do without it, ticket is at 700php. Since Dan had his Pag-Ibig Loyalty Card that time, we managed to get 15% discount.

And queuing just wasn’t in getting tickets, pati sa banyo and sa rides! We played Dugtungan to pass the time. We rode bump cars where I shouted “Fucker!!!!” to almost everyone I bumped into- even the kids. We also rode my 2nd favorite ride, Anchor’s Away where we saw a pre-teen profusely crying, traumatized by the feeling of having your internal organs wanting to leave your body each time the ride would go way up up up. I didn’t go with them to Jungle Log Jam because I hate its 2nd steep fall. I also didn’t join them in Air Race because I don’t like being turned 360 or 180 degrees– well, in some situations, I want. Hahaha! >:)

During my solo time, I played some games like Ring Toss. Can’t believe I spent 200php (30 rings) I didn’t even win one small toy! 😦 Ang cute pa naman ‘nung stuffed unicorn!

I also ate at Grill Station. Had fish fillet a la pobre with garlic mushrooms and rice plus corn soup. Paid for 225php for the entire meal. Didn’t like the fish because it was too salty and oily. The mushrooms were bland. The corn soup was good though. I liked our merienda better of bacon cheese hotdog when we got to EK.

After my boring dinner, I met them at Rialto where Ice Age: No Time for Nuts was screening and I loved the effects this time. May part pa na our backs got poked. That poking device installed in our seats definitely caught us by surprise. The story was obviously for kids, but the effects on screen and effects on our seats were great.

It was already 8pm and we had to choose which rides to take because the park closes at 9pm. We decided to go see Agila, what they call the first flying theatre, because we paid extra 200 bucks for it.

We expected a lot because of the additional cost and the building’s really nice and we were utterly disappointed. Not only did the pre-show about elements (air, water, earth) was weak (we were in a room and we can’t hear the audio easily because the audio in the next room was too loud) and the show itself was so-so.

What they meant by flying theatre pala was we’re seated on moving chairs that make us feel like we’re flying like an eagle as we see beautiful Philippine destinations. Much as I appreciated the superb sceneries they featured, the show was still not impressive. We feel that the 40 minutes we spent there could have been better spent riding Condor or Space Shuttle. Well, sila lang sa Space Shuttle. That’s also something I will never ride again. I’m not scared to admit I’m scared of certain rides. :p

Good thing we still had some minutes remaining and we still got to ride my #1 favorite- The Flying Fiesta!

And good thing I got to spend last Saturday with my workmates. You know what they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And well, you’re only as dull as you allow yourself to be. 😉


See you again, EK! Weekday next time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nikko says:

    Havent been in EK in ages!!! You should try Space Shuttle at least once. It’s exhilirating!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. iyainmanila says:

    tried it once. never again.

    nakakasuka ang feeling. not for me. hehe


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