Tied Up and Twisted on My Birthday

I already had an idea that my closest few will surprise me on my birthday, considering all my bff Donnie asked me was if he can pick me up at 12 noon. I said he can’t because I’ll be home late from my salubong so he settled for 2pm. He asked me to bring a handkerchief so I thought, “Hay nako. Ipapang-blindfold ito sa akin.”


We met in the café a few steps from home and after he finished his cup of coffee, he said, “Makisama ka ha!!! ‘Wag kang kj! Asan na ‘yung panyo?” So I gave it to him thinking i-blindfold man niya ako from where we’re at to BF Paranaque, eh 30mins max lang naman ‘yon via Skyway.

But no. I was soooooo wrong. He used the hanky to bind my wrists and took out a mask to cover my eyes. Eh since honest ako at hindi nga ako kj, I told him I can sorta see images pa rin. Little did I know that he brought another mask to put over the first one.

Sabi niya pasalanat daw ako na hindi na daw niya ako bubusalan. Wow ha. I’m so thankful talaga, like woaaah.

When I felt that more than 30minutes passed I finally asked, “Teka, saan ba talaga tayo pupunta?!” And he answered all sorts of places– Balintawak, South Cotabato, my exbf’s house, Bahay ni Kuya, Bicol, Hogwarts… Naknampotato chips. It was either Tagaytay or Antipolo malamang.

Asar pa kasi naweeweewee na ako and ayaw niya itigil ‘yung car kasi baka daw tunakaw ako at unakyat ako ng bundok! Sabi ko, kahit nga wala ako piring at gapos, hindi ako makakaakyat ng bundok eh!

I was already getting anxious because the only aounds I clukd hear were jeepneys and tricycles. He stopped the car to ask for directions to “Rosevill” and kuya answered, “Derecho, sa ikalimang barrio.” Whaaaat??? Barrio? Hindi man lang barangay ang sagot no kuya eh. Barrio talaga. Saang lupalop na kaya kami ng Luzon? Or pinag-apparate na ba ng besty ko ang car papuntang Bicol? I also smelled the surroundings and my guess was wet soil. So totoo nga ‘yung sabi niya na umuulan. Maygad, where were we?!???

After 100x asking “Are we there yet?” He stopped the car and asked me to walk. I was freaking out because I felt a furry animal brushed against my leg.

Me: Punyemas, ano ‘yon???

Donnie: That’s a cat. Tanggalin na nga ‘yang piring mo!

And when I finally got to see the light… And it was a gorgeous gradient of lights as a gorgeous sunset framed with lush greens. Around were my bff, Mommy Colleen and Jan who shouted, “Happy Birthday!!!” Well, Donnie also said, “Impakta kang babae ka!!!” And the animal? Well, it’s a cute doggie- puppy of the owner of the place that Mommy Colleen found via Facebook. She thought I’d love it and I did!

Azalea by Rosevill is a fairly new place is Talisay Batangas that offers great food and a serene view of Taal. It’s ideal for family and barkada chill bonding moments and for romantic dates! Ewan ko lang kung naging ideal sa magjowa sa tabi naming table kasi nuknukan kami ng ingay. At least nakalibre sila sa comedy show kasi puro patawa mga kasama ko. 😂

For our dinner, we had Pumpkin Soup, Taiwanese Pork Belly, Whiskey and Wings, Braised Pork Ribs, Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Banana-Mango Turon, Peanutbutter S’mores, and dalandan juice.

Enjoyed all of the dishes, especially the pork belly, soup and turon. Hopefully, we get to go back for their buffet special. 🙂

Azalea’s staff was also friendly and accommodating. They said that they will be having a branch in Tagaytay soon.

Speaking of Tagaytay, after our intimate dinner in Talisay, we headed to Tagaytay for coffee and cake. At first I was bummed that it won’t be alcohol,but I guess I already had enough in my birthday salubong. :p


We went to Greg’s Fruitcakery and Bakeshop in Twin Lakes. Can’t remember the names of the cakes we had along with our hot mocha and cocoa. In all honestly, nothing was worth remembering. The cakes were either too sweet or too dry. I think it was only the one with cheesecake we liked.

But regardless of the failcakes, I still loved having 4 slice of birthday cakes and being with closest few. I really appreciate the surprise they pulled off and the reason behind it– they wanted me to have new happy memories of my birthday. I won’t elaborate, but well, they’re right. I needed new happy memories of December 20. And they did an amazing job giving me exactly that.


Thank you so much to all those who remembered me on my birthday. Cheers to you all remembering me again when I turn 36. 🙂


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  1. Kevin says:

    what???? mid 30s ka na? I always thought mid 20s! getting prettier as time goes by, miss iya! I wish you a happier life with lots of blessings and more restaurants to conquer!


  2. Nikko says:

    Your friends really love you seems like 🙂 A very belated happy 3 1/2 decades on earth!

    Liked by 1 person

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