The Batman Burger

The colorful burgers caught my eye so I looked closer to check what they are and one word made me place my order.


Astig talaga si Batman, siya lang ang nag-iisa sa midst of Marvel character burgers! 😂

I got the Bae-con Ko special because bacon. 

And a Double Dutch Frappuccino to wash it down.

Was tempted to get a cheesecake in a jar, but decided against it when I added the calories from the burger and frappe. 😢

The pattie and bacon were so-so. The cheese sauce tasted funny. The black had nothing special about it except that it represented Batman. 

I won’t go back for the burger, but I will for the frappe. The Double Dutch Frappe was yummy! 

Frappe Republic is located across Shopwise in Vito Cruz Extension, Makati City.

There’s a McDonald’s nearby, in case you want a Big Mac instead.


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  1. supermaninshorts says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!!! I have a feeling you’ll be back to your sassy self and you just might get sassier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iyainmanila says:

      Thank you! Oh yes, sassy Shesha is back! Teka, nawala ba ako? 😂


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