Daddy’s Birthday Lunch at Kuya J

Daddy only had 2 requests for his 67th birthday– that we watch an MMFF entry and that we have lunch in a Pinoy resto.

He chose Kuya J because we haven’t tried eating there yet. I thought it’s a fast food chain, so I was surprised to see that it’s actually a nice looking resto.


We had Creamy Seafood and Corn Soup which has squid, shrimp and fish fillet. It’s creamy yet light and sulit kasi sa sobrang dami ng sahog, soup na… ulam pa!


Sinuglaw is a combo of sinugbo (the grilled pork belly on top) and kinilaw (the fresh tanigue in vinegar). My parents didn’t like this so much because it’s spicy. Pabor naman sa akin kasi ito ‘yung favorite ko. More for me!


The Relyenong Talong is pan-fried grilled eggplant with ground pork and egg. I didn’t like it so much because I barely tasted the eggplant. To people who want to taste pork more, then this one’s for you. If  that’s the case though. eh di sana nag-tortang baboy ka na lang.


Their Ampalaya Con Carne is another winner. It has tender beef strips cooked in wonderful brown sauce. I can eat an entire order in one sitting.


My parents’ favorite is Kuya J’s Fried Chicken. They say it’s better than Max’s. Ang cute daw ‘nung manok, mukhang teenage chicken! I tried some and I gotta say, masarap nga! You can get it half or whole.


We had Banana Langka Turon and Tablea Coffee Flan for dessert. Loved the sauce for the turon that tasted like melted panocha! The flan was too strong for me with it’s barako coffee – caramel mix.


We paid around 1,500 for the entire meal plus service charge. We liked our Kuya J experience, so most likely, we will be celebrating Mama’s 65th birthday there as well.


Kuya J Resto
2F Harbor Point
Subic Bay, Olongapo


5 Comments Add yours

  1. supermaninshorts says:

    I thought it’s a fast food chain”hahahahahaha I thought so too! food looks good though, will give it a try. thanks for the reco! belated happy bday to your dad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iyainmanila says:

      Thanks! Yes, try the RESTo. Ayan ha hindi fastfood. 😊


  2. Gino says:

    Sweet! Kamukha mo po parents mo! Belated happy birthday po sa dad mo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iyainmanila says:

      Aba shempre hindi makakaila na tunay nila akong anak!


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